Tilly on boat

Old Dad, Tilly and Crabs

Our three-year-old loves to help. Whether it be in the kitchen, around the house – anywhere there are jobs to be done. So, it is no surprise that when we…

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Two Tips for New Older Fathers

I think I had pre-natal depression. It cannot be true, after 28 years, I am going to be a father again? After all, I already had three children with my…

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How to feed your fussy eater

Sometimes it’s tough. Toddlers often don’t know what they want and almost never know what they need when it comes to food. Fortunately for me, being an 'old dad', I...
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Russell Bacon and his daughter Matilda.


Apart from a stint at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, taking students on ‘Six Scenes Every Cinematographer Should Know’ and shooting a delightful couple of episodes of the...
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